Stanford Women in Business (SWIB) seeks to provide the women of Stanford University an opportunity to build a foundation in business and join an encouraging community of aspiring and successful businesswomen.

Why so Few?

Looking over the leadership roster of Fortune 500 companies leads to a painfully obvious observation: there are very few women sitting in the top positions. Despite the advancements women have made in education - making up more than half the population of university applicants - these numbers are not reflected in corporate America.

Why is there a lack of women in the top positions? Is it a lack of ambition? A lack of resources? It most certainly is not a lack of talent.

Stanford Women in Business intends to equip young women with the tools necessary to seize their talent and succeed in the world of business. Through events and programs such as business skill workshops, leadership conferences, career exposès, or mentorship pairings, Stanford Women in Business is helping women find career direction, network with alumni and peers, and set and achieve ambitious career goals.


Stanford Women in Business has been nominated for the Dean's List of Outstanding Student Group for its contribution to the Stanford Community in its first year.

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